28 January, 2010

March birthday blocks...

Well, I am now into March for the Birthday Blocks.  If you don't know what these are, click here for all the info.

For those in the know, see below!!

Mary requested a star block in blue and green.  I was going to do a traditional block but then decided to do a wonky, funky star instead!  I love this one and it was definately fun to make.

Ralu requested an Hourglass block in blue and purple.  The pale blue has gorgeous little dots with lavender in them which goes really nicely with the lavender fabric.  It is a pity it doesn't show up well in the photo.

Well, that is March done.....

On to April!

25 January, 2010

More February Birthday Blocks...

Aren't the school holidays great!!  I am able to get myself a bit of time to do these Birthday Blocks.

This block is for Susan who requested any pattern with lavender colours in a 5.5" size.

I decided to do a paper piecing block as I haven't paper-pieced before and thought it a good chance to try it
out.  The middle is a bit wonky but overall I love the block.  Will remember this one for a future quilt I think - it is called 'The Attraction Block' -just like yin and yang!!

The next block is for Jenn who requested a Tennessee pattern in solid black and batiks. This had to be a 12.5" block.  It involved my favourite piecing at the moment - quick triangles.  Love how many different patterns they make, like the stars that I am loving at the moment too.

Well, that's February done!  There are two for March which I am getting myself ready to do.

24 January, 2010

Cari's Birthday Block

I am on a roll!!

Here is Cari's block for her birthday on the 10th February (2 days after mine!!).  This is for the LJ's Birthday Block Party that I have joined.

Cari requested any block, 10.5", in blues and greens.  This is called a 'Double Wrench' and it was very quick and easy to put together.

I hope she likes it!

Heidi's Dutchman's Puzzle

Here is the first block from our Circuit Block Party.  It is for Miss January aka Heidi!!

I really enjoyed making this block especially once I concentrated on what I was doing by, firstly, cutting the right fabric and then, in the end, sewing in the correct order!!  LOL!!!

Keep your eyes posted for some more blocks in the future. 

Next in line is Miss February's!  I can't wait to see what fabric and pattern Miss Feb will send.

21 January, 2010

Birthday Block Party

Well, not really a party as such but I have joined two on-line quilting bees!  The first one I told you about it here and the second one I only joined last week. 

This quilting bee is called the Birthday Block Party.  There are 19 of us from America, Canada, UK and ofcourse, here in the land of Oz.  We all tell the others our birthday and what block we would like the others to make for us.  This includes what colour, pattern and size.  The others make the block to be sent out around the day of your birthday.  How cute is that??

Well, I am a bit behind and I just posted my first block off today.  It is for Amanda and she requested a 'wonky log cabin' in blues and greens.  When I first read this for the colours I screwed my face up as I am NOT a fan of blue and green together.  So, off I went to work and chose some fabrics and WOW, I loved them.  So much that I went back the next day to cut more off to make a quilt out of the blues and greens!!

I actually had to undo some sewing and re-sew only to undo it again and re-sew it!!  I tell you, since I had a migraine last week my brain has been fried! 

Isn't the little owl in the middle so cute?  It is from my favourite fabric at the moment.  I told you about it here.

So, one block down and 17 more to go.  And this is just for one of the quilting bees!  I will post you the block I am making for the Circuit Block Party soon.

Oh, by the way, are you wondering what I asked for??  Wonky houses on a white background - size 12.5".
I can't wait to see how they turn out!

18 January, 2010

Auction for Haiti

Tallgrass Prarie Studio is having an auction of some absolutely beautiful quilts.  Here is what she says:

"Here's what I would like to do. I'm auctioning my neighborhood quilts and the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. I WILL MATCH WHATEVER IS EARNED FROM THE AUCTION. The auction will begin with this post and end on Friday at 8 a.m. central time.

So here's how it works. Leave a comment with
1. the color of the quilt your bidding on (blue, pink, green)
2. the amount of your bid
3. your email address

If you have the top bid, I will send you a paypal invoice for your quilt. When all the payments are received I will send out the quilts, and make a donation to the American Red Cross for double the amount raised."

I have put a bid on the green one and I am excited that sooo many bids are being put on to them.  Check out her website and put on a bid!!

17 January, 2010

Help for Haiti...

Craft Hope is a wonderful blog that sets you up with amazing opportunities to craft for charities or needs.

They have opened an etsy shop that benefits the doctors without borders who are now working in Haiti and are now needing more medicine and supplies.  You can buy lovely handmade items there to benefit the doctors and people in Haiti or donate one of you own handmade items!!

Please help spread the word!

10 January, 2010

Ever so 'Charming'!!

I am starting a new quilt from one of my favourite books at the moment...

I ofcourse bought it from Kirkbride Quilting - excellent shop for any quilting needs!!!

Anyway, I fell in love with the Charming Flowers pattern.  It had my
block-of-the-moment in it ~ the stars that were also featured in my previous quilt, Star Cakes.  I adore these stars!!

The main fabric, other than the stars and their partnered triangles, is from
a layer cake Beach House by Moda.  It is an absolutely beautiful range - olde worlde!

This is giving a good peek at the fabrics but I don't want to show too much - it will spoil the surprise!

06 January, 2010

tablerunner no. 1

This is the first of many tablerunners that I will be whipping up to help me practice my freemotion quilting!!

The fabric is Blossom by Moda.

I bought two jelly rolls of it a long time ago and was going to make a large quilt but ended up not liking it (I only did one block LOL) and then put the rest of the fabric in the cupboard.

As I mentioned in my previous blog - this year is the year of clearing out my UFO's and to utilise all the fabric that has been thrown into the back of the cupboard.

 I will probably use some more of this fabric to make more table runners!
Practice makes perfect.

Star Cakes finished...

well, the top at least is finished. 

This was made from a bought pattern and I fell in love with the stars!  At the moment that is my thing - stars.

I had a layer cake sitting around waiting for the perfect pattern and this was it.  The fabric is Urban Couture by Moda and I didn't want to chop up the fabric into little bits as the print on the fabric was too bold and beautiful to do so. 

Each of these stars is approx. 40" square!!  The 10" square pieces of fabric only had to be cut into 2 triangles - perfect!
I will get it professionally quilted as I don't think learning to quilt on such a large item would be a good idea.
Overall, after loving the fabric, hating it during the piecing process, then loving it again as the last border was sewn on, I am quite thrilled with the result.

I only put it on my bed to take the photo but I am liking it on there.  Looks like it has found its home once it is quilted.

I also made a little lap quilt with the left over pieces - this time chopping them up!!

I am not putting a border on it but just a binding. 

No, I am not being lazy either LOL!!


Yes, I know it is nearly 1/2 way through January BUT Happy New Year everyone!!!

There is one major resolution that I will be making this year -

to be HAPPY

That can mean alot or not.  One thing that will make me happy is to commit myself to my quilting and get all of my UFO's done plus to learn new skills and new patterns.  Already I have got my butt away from the computer and finished two quilt tops.  Admittably, one only needed a border put on but still, it is finished.
I am also going to bite the bullet and learn to do my own quilting!  There will be loads of table runners and cot quilts happening this year (LOL)!!!!

Another thing that will make me HAPPY is to lose the weight that has been bugging me for the past 5 years - but that is another story.

So, to all, have a happy, safe, crafty, creative New Year.