26 June, 2010


Back again!  Gee, I stay away for a loooong time and then 2 posts in one day!!  LOL!!

Snappy Friends have a challenge this week of a Self Portrait.  Well, I am not too keen on the whole of my face BUT I think my eyes are okay, so that is what I am showing the world!!

M x

My UFO List....

Or should the title be...

"OMG!  Where did all this come from????"

I had a bit of a clean up and made a list of the quilts I am to finish BEFORE I purchase any new material or patterns.

I am going to make a start on this list as soon as possible because it is a mighty big list.  I am actually quite excited about doing this as I finally might be able to show people what I have been doing instead of being embarrassed about the whole situation.

Here is my list....


 Flower Flannel lap quilt – border needed

 Rocket wall hanging – border needed

 Hidden Stars quilt – border needed

 Star Layer Cake quilt - binding

 Table runner – quilting

 Urban Couture Brick Charity lap quilt - quilting

 Batik Art quilt – quilting and embellishments


 Max’s Monster Truck quilt

 Tom’s Monster Truck quilt

 Tulip quilt

 Tree of Life quilt

 Laura Gunn quilt

 Vintage Circle quilt

 Green String quilt

 My First Prairie Point quilt

 Boys Bright Charity quilt

 Tan and Aqua Bird Charity quilt

I am also in the process of doing the 'Be Attitudes' BOM quilt for the shop.  This is something that is being done as a priority as I want it finished NOW!!!  There are also the block swaps that I am doing, which are being done between all the other stuff.

Is the list big???


Cross fingers and wish me luck in my 'Journey To The End of the Quilts'!!

M x

12 June, 2010

Quilting Bee Blocks

This is a very short post to highlight a fantastic group on Flickr called the Quilting Bee Blocks.

It showcases all the different blocks that people (including me) are sewing.  These are all for different Quilting Bees that are happening all over the world.  Quilting Bees certainly bring the world alot closer.

Click on this link to see the wonderful work that others are doing....

03 June, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man....

It was my baby boys birthday this week.

He has turned a very big 6!!

His favourite colour is black (he says it is a colour but his older brother says it is not) but alot of the time it changes to green or blue!!   :o)

His party was a pirate theme.

(Tom is second from the right (red and black top) and his brother is on the far left)

He wanted the party after school, not on a weekend, so it was a short but sweet birthday party.  After having a treasure hunt around the property which led them to a treasure chest full of chocolate coins and party favours, they pinned the 'pirate on the map' and then had a race to see who could eat a donut off a string first (without touching with their hands).  That was hilarious and the boys really enjoyed that game.

After all the swashbuckling and playing it was time to eat the feast and enjoy the pirate ship cake.

I enjoyed making this but I ran out of time and would have loved to have decorated it more.  Ah, well, there is always next time.

So, Tom, I wish you all the very best for the year ahead.  You have grown up sooo much and I sometimes feel that I am losing my baby and gaining a big boy.  I enjoy our cuddles and how you and I seem to be in sync with each other alot of the time.  You will always be my babe no matter how old you get!