22 December, 2009

Purple Tuesday...and the last

It is a sad thing to say but this is the last of the 'colour week' that Micayla has been hosting!!

Purple Tuesday was tacked on and I don't know how many people will be doing today but I had to show you my one and only purple item in my home....

Isn't she beautiful in all her snobbery???

She was made by a talented lady named Judy McCarthy, a textile artist.

I adore her stuck up nose and all too refined chin.

So, that is it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Purple Tuesday!!!

21 December, 2009

Black or White Monday...

Well, there isn't alot to show.  I don't have much of these two that is interesting to look at...

My tile splashback behind my stove!

The Stove!!

See, not much, hey??  Sorry for the fuzzy photos but I am feeling a bit fuzzy myself today!!  My hands are a bit shaky and I couldn't hold the camera steady enough LOL.

I am off today to finish my Christmas shopping.  Poor kiddlets are still asleep and I have to wake them up 

I hope all have a great Black or White Monday!!!

20 December, 2009

Red Sunday...

I LOVE RED!!!  I love to wear red, it make me feel alive.  But I am not going to show you my red clothes...

A beautiful decoration made by one of my boys!!

Part of the fruit platter we took to the BBQ last night - yummy!!

A toy my son got from his friends - it will crystalize!

Candy cane -need I say more!

Red Cellophane!!

Santa's hat!

From the books I am reading right now (I am a little
obsessed with them at the moment - hence no sewing
getting done!!)

Did I tell you I love red???

Have a Happy Red Sunday everyone....


19 December, 2009

Orange Saturday...

Wow, and I thought Pink was going to be hard!!

My cup of tea this morning!

Part of a very large picture hanging in our hallway.

Part of the leadlight in a hallway we are renovating.

My husband's model Charger!  He has quite a few model cars on his
mantel piece in his office.

Well, that is it! 

Not a favourite of mine, considering when I was pregnant with my first child I was citrus colour mad - I had to have our plain kitchen re-tiled in orange, yellow and green glass tiles splashed amongst the white ones.  That's when we bought the pictures (see one above) to go in that said kitchen and we still have the orange and yellow mugs. 

Then we moved!!  I got over my obsession with this combination of colours.

Happy Orange Saturday!!

18 December, 2009

Brown Friday...

I am sooo going to miss doing this colour week!!  It has been one of the main things I have looked forward to every morning when I get up.  Luckily, it is the school holidays and I have had a bit more time on my hands to get the photos etc.

Anyway, it is Brown Friday!  Apart from all the wood in my house (there is a lot), I wasn't too sure what I would find. 

My most favourite pair of shoes (at the moment!).  Brown and White Birkenstocks on my brown carpet!

A beautiful smelling (wish you could!) potpourri.  It has chunks of frankincense and myrrh, granules of amber with added rose buds.  You can smell it wafting through the air as you walk past plus you can rub the incense on your skin as a perfume!!

Fluffy Brown towels!

A stunning (I think) bag sculpture in my bedroom.

And I couldn't forget the 'wood' that is in my home!

The sun is shining today - yeah!  I hope all have a great Brown Friday!!

cheers   :o)

17 December, 2009

Blue Thursday...

How appropriate!!  A blue Thursday for a Blue Thursday!!  Look at the sky - it is now pouring with rain and only yesterday it was near to 40C. 

While I was outside, I though my darling dog, Tess, should need some water.....

My boys were having a play on the blue lounge in their blue pyjamas!!

My collection of blue teapots - the lighting inside is a bit dark due to the Blue Thursay!

Part of my Rooster.

And my very old Christmas decoration - from when my Grandmother was a child.

Enjoy your Blue Thursday where ever you are in the world!

16 December, 2009

Pink Wednesday...

Ah, the colour pink.  Not an easy one for me as I don't have anything pink at all!!  I have never been the kind of girl who loved this colour but I can see how the colour pink makes people happy.  I do love pink roses though, and I feel myself that pink is a perfect colour to compliament the green of the leaves.

Unfortunately, my roses are past their first flush and I only found one solitare rose worthy of a picture!!

I also scouted around for a few other pink objects - thread, fabric and my 2010 diary!!

Happy Pink Wednesday!!

15 December, 2009

Green Tuesday...

My FAVOURITE colour!  I am excited to share with you my favourite green things.

Just a small collection of my green pottery.

The luminous green leaves with a bunch of flowers on my mantlepiece in my bedroom.

A very old but extremely sentimental Christmas ornament that I absolutely love.

And not least, the view from my loungeroom - my beautiful green lucious tree that seems to glow!

I hope you enjoyed my Green Tuesday!!

Yellow Monday...

I am following Kendall's Colour Week and have joined in the fun!

As today is a yellow day, I thought the flowers that my husband gave me would be very fitting.

I was vey upset the other day and he came home from work with a big bunch of beautiful lillies, daisies, carnations and gerberas.  Certainly made me smile  :o)

11 December, 2009

A Very Owly Christmas...

I am loving Owls at the moment and it looks like alot of other people are too....

Here are a few I found on Etsy - my most favourite place for handmade things from all over the world.

I can't link the pictures (sorry!) but if anyone can let me know how, I would be eternally grateful!!!

The last picture is of fabric which we sell at Kirkbride Quilting. We have the owls on the blue background and it is my absolute favourite at the moment!!  It is by Alexander Henry "In the Kitchen".

The Owl Mobile Pattern is from Craft Schmaft.  I love her blog and I am constantly oogling her gorgeous and cute owls!

I hope you enjoyed the Owl Show!!



10 December, 2009

Up goes the tree!

Finally on Sunday we put up the Christmas tree!

My husband and sons put up the tree while I was at work and then my boys and I decorated it!

I had the job of the lights and tinsel and Max and Tom had a ball hanging the ornaments.  It was an absolute joy this year as they were old enough not to be too distracted with other things!  The car racing on tv nearly took their attention BUT I kept them in line with my songs of 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and 'Jingle Bells' (thats the only two songs I know from start to finish!)

Whats your favourite Christmas song?  My boys love me singing Rudolph!

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Tree where ever you may be in the world!