12 April, 2010

Farm Gate Festival - Fleurieu

Today Max, Tom and I went for a drive.

This drive took us to many places that had fantastic art, mostly involving farm gates!!

This is the Farm Gate Festival and it is running from 27th March till the 25th April (so you still have plenty of time to check it out!!)

The 53 different types of artwork span a huge area from Victor Harbor, Mt Compass, Goolwa, Ashbourne, over to Milang and Point Sturt and everywhere inbetween.

On the way to Point Sturt we went to see Pat Ingleton's 'Pole Dancing' and then was kindly shown around her beautiful home.  Pat does amazing sculpture and is passionate about the lakes surrounding her home and the environment.  I was able to take some photos of her artwork.

Wa(l)ter Gate @ the Ashboourne Primary School

'Bell' the Cow - Ashbourne PS kids

Stop!  Who goes there?? - Ashbourne PS kids

Bringing Back the Bush - Gaynor Hartvigsen


Eagle Gate - Gaynor Hartvigsen (with Trevor McLean)

Watergate #3 - Liz Yelland

Dandelion - Liz Yelland

Pole Dancing - Pat Ingleton

This is my favourite sculpture. 

I may just take another visit to Pat's place to purchase this beautiful sphere tower!!

So, if you have a few hours up your sleeve and would love to visit the amazingly beautiful
Fleurieu Peninsula
(sorry only South Australians unless you can hop on a plane and fly over here quickly),
then I would highly recommend this trail.

I have yet to see all the works of art and will do so in the week ahead.  I will post some more photos once I have admired the many more artworks on the trail.

Click on this link and it will take you to the Alexandrina Council website for all the information and the map.

Happy driving!!

11 April, 2010

Eye Spy Something Beginning with E.....

Another week has flown past and I just make it in time for this weeks challenge with Snappy Friends!!

Something beginning with E!!

Well, there are two things I can share with you...

Easter Egg wrappers - another Easter over.  I am glad in a way, now my life can get back to a semi-chocolate free state!!

Our 1962 Holden EJ
Her name is Maud and she is one beautiful car!!

 Check out the Snappy Friends site for some more photos that are sure to delight!!

10 April, 2010

quilting for babies...

Magnolia Designs and One Shabby Chick is combining forces to make quilts for the IMCU babies in her local hospital in Winnepeg, Canada.  Check out the blogs for more information on these quilts.

Kathy (Magnolia Designs) is asking for 8.5" pinwheel blocks in any colourway.

I couldn't resist.  Firstly, because I feel the strong need to help and donate some blocks and, secondly, I love to make pinwheel blocks!!

I have made her two of each and I hope the Kathy, from Magnolia Designs, receives them in time (deadline 1st May) as it may take a couple of weeks to get there!!

If you are over on the other side of the world (Canada or USA), maybe check out Kathy's blog and make a few pinwheels too!! 


Well, it is the school holidays and the boys have been extremely good with hardly any fights or bickering - LOL!!

My 7 year old, Max, did a few experiments at school and wanted to do these at home. 

This one is with a bowl of milk, a few stratigically placed drops of food colouring and then the special ingredient - dishwashing liquid.

It was quite facinating to watch the colours swirl around and mix together.

I may do a few other experiments with them in the next week.

06 April, 2010

Basham Beach

During the Easter long weekend we decided to go for a little bike ride together as a family.  Well, it ended up being very little.  Our youngest decided he didn't want to do this not even 5 minutes into the ride.  We had chosen to drive to a place on the Fleurieu Peninsula called Basham Beach and ride to Port Elliot (3km) and back. 

Well, we packed up the bikes and headed down to the beach instead.  It was blowing a gale but the sun was shining and the waves crashing against the rocks made my heart sing!!  We had a ball.  We are definately going back there during the school holidays.

What makes your heart sing??