06 January, 2010


Yes, I know it is nearly 1/2 way through January BUT Happy New Year everyone!!!

There is one major resolution that I will be making this year -

to be HAPPY

That can mean alot or not.  One thing that will make me happy is to commit myself to my quilting and get all of my UFO's done plus to learn new skills and new patterns.  Already I have got my butt away from the computer and finished two quilt tops.  Admittably, one only needed a border put on but still, it is finished.
I am also going to bite the bullet and learn to do my own quilting!  There will be loads of table runners and cot quilts happening this year (LOL)!!!!

Another thing that will make me HAPPY is to lose the weight that has been bugging me for the past 5 years - but that is another story.

So, to all, have a happy, safe, crafty, creative New Year. 

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