06 January, 2010

Star Cakes finished...

well, the top at least is finished. 

This was made from a bought pattern and I fell in love with the stars!  At the moment that is my thing - stars.

I had a layer cake sitting around waiting for the perfect pattern and this was it.  The fabric is Urban Couture by Moda and I didn't want to chop up the fabric into little bits as the print on the fabric was too bold and beautiful to do so. 

Each of these stars is approx. 40" square!!  The 10" square pieces of fabric only had to be cut into 2 triangles - perfect!
I will get it professionally quilted as I don't think learning to quilt on such a large item would be a good idea.
Overall, after loving the fabric, hating it during the piecing process, then loving it again as the last border was sewn on, I am quite thrilled with the result.

I only put it on my bed to take the photo but I am liking it on there.  Looks like it has found its home once it is quilted.

I also made a little lap quilt with the left over pieces - this time chopping them up!!

I am not putting a border on it but just a binding. 

No, I am not being lazy either LOL!!

1 comment:

Sally said...

I love it Mon!!!!
Sorry Suzie but I like this one more than the one you did!!! hehe
Can't wait to see it quilted. I wonder what Val will do?
We will see!