21 January, 2010

Birthday Block Party

Well, not really a party as such but I have joined two on-line quilting bees!  The first one I told you about it here and the second one I only joined last week. 

This quilting bee is called the Birthday Block Party.  There are 19 of us from America, Canada, UK and ofcourse, here in the land of Oz.  We all tell the others our birthday and what block we would like the others to make for us.  This includes what colour, pattern and size.  The others make the block to be sent out around the day of your birthday.  How cute is that??

Well, I am a bit behind and I just posted my first block off today.  It is for Amanda and she requested a 'wonky log cabin' in blues and greens.  When I first read this for the colours I screwed my face up as I am NOT a fan of blue and green together.  So, off I went to work and chose some fabrics and WOW, I loved them.  So much that I went back the next day to cut more off to make a quilt out of the blues and greens!!

I actually had to undo some sewing and re-sew only to undo it again and re-sew it!!  I tell you, since I had a migraine last week my brain has been fried! 

Isn't the little owl in the middle so cute?  It is from my favourite fabric at the moment.  I told you about it here.

So, one block down and 17 more to go.  And this is just for one of the quilting bees!  I will post you the block I am making for the Circuit Block Party soon.

Oh, by the way, are you wondering what I asked for??  Wonky houses on a white background - size 12.5".
I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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