23 November, 2009

Retro Mummy fabric giveaway!!

Hi all

If you love fabric giveaways PLUS reading great blogs, you can't go past Retro Mummy!!  Click on here and you will be sent to there!!  

Enjoy and good luck....


16 November, 2009

a little bit of sewing...

I am not usually a seamstress but I loved this book (bought from Kirkbride Quilting) and I have always wanted to do something with these two fabrics, so, voila - a skirt was made.

Don't you just love it??   Well, I do!

I think the placement of the pockets is very cute and a little bit different.

I am not game to photograph it with me in it - my legs are better left to people's imagination!

I am sure there will be plenty more skirts that I will be doing in the future.

I just have to get a nice chocolate brown top to go with this one....


13 November, 2009

Pay It Forward - post no. 2

Hi all

Just a refresher on the Pay It Forward quilting bee.

I have 3 opening possies for anyone who wishes to join me in the fantastic game!!

If you need more info, check out the first post in October...


11 November, 2009

Circuit Block Party...

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen (can't exclude them - have you checked out quiltdad.com yet!), just a quick update on the Block Party senario...

(drum roll)

I have now joined the Circuit Block Party and I am soooo excited and I can't wait for the month to arrive when we all get started.

To say I am jumping up and down in my seat is an understatement.

We will also have a blog that you can visit to check out all the fantastic work that we will be doing.


At the momento it is under construction BUT keep your eyes posted for any news on our inital post!!


07 November, 2009

Fabric from Hawthorne Threads

I have ordered some scrumptiously divine fabric from Hawthorne Threads Fabric Designers.

Now, you are probably wondering where I got to this fantastic place for fabric.....

I am a follower of Erin Crompton Design and after looking at her blog I was linked to Sew-Fantastic!!!  On this blog (whom I am now following and I am soooo glad that Erin linked her!!) there is a fabric giveaway.

I am a big fan of giveaways - who isn't! - BUT to actually find a website with such a large range of beautiful fabric is the best.

I fell in love with Laura Gunn's 'Lantern Bloom' and ordered a few from the range plus others to compliment - and the prices were great too (even with the US dollar being great in Australia at the moment).

Go have a look - you will be impressed too!!


06 November, 2009

Block Party! - update

Yeh, I have joined a Block Party.  This will be my first ever and I am really excited to join in with some awsomely talented people.  It is a virtual quilting bee. 

To join in, and to get more info, just go to this blog - blockpartyquilting.com

I can't wait - yeah!!!!!

See you all there (or be square!)


N.B.  I was a bit late BUT I was able to join another virtual quilting bee called Nittany Block Party!  I will give more info once I know what is happening.  Stay tuned....

Nope - not in that one either!!  You have to be quick around here BUT look at my latest post on the Circuit Block Party - I am IN!!!