25 March, 2010


This week with Snappy Friends RED is the subject and, boy, did I have to cull alot of red photos!!! 


Last year I joined a little group, run by Micayla from the blog 'Colour'

Micayla had a colour week and Red was on the Sunday.  If you wish to see my Red Sunday, pop over to here.

In the mean time, enjoy these few shots I took today....



(if you don't know what this is, it is a marker on the side of the road!!)

21 March, 2010


I was only just thinking....

Only a moment ago....

Hands of Time!!!

But, no, I chose to do the hands of my beloved family.....

My Oma, who is 96, with Tom, who is 5!!

Oma's beautiful hands...
Hands that have loved, held, cuddled, stroked.....

My husbands hand on the wheel of our new 'old' baby ~
Maud the EJ Holden

If you would like to see more hands in some beautiful photos, visit here ~ Snappy Friends!!

13 March, 2010

Wedding Bells...

On a happier note     :o)

my chiropractor, Carly, got married on Friday.

I felt compelled to make something for her.  Don't know why, but I did.  And it felt right.

So, because I had one made for me on my Wedding Day, I thought I would do the same.

I thought it might be a bit old fashioned looking, but when we gave it to her, she was delighted. 
Her Mother-in-Law does quilting and she has told me how much she appreciates anything hand made.

Here it is next to mine.  Mine will be 10 years old in October.  It sits in my drawer with my smalls (well, I think that is wishful thinking - smalls - hee hee).

I wish Carly and Jackson all the best for their future. 

Triangles and Frogs....

Now, I haven't been the best lately due to a drastic change of diet which gave me headaches, migraines and extreme tiredness so what I produced definately was not how I would have like the blocks to turn out.  For the Froggy block, I unpicked it sooo many times that I lost count!  "HOW???"  I hear you ask, as it is an 'improv' block and it is up to me where I put the strips!

Well, no matter how many times I undid the strips and repositioned them, the outer border was going to end up less than 1 inch wide.  Even after unpicking I forgot to cut it down a bit and sewed a new round out only to be back where I was in the first place!!  Then I finally did end up cutting it back only to cut it too much and it looked horrible and skinny and wonky near the corners because it didn't have enough fabric!!

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!  Not Happy Jan!! 

I have lost my mojo and I hope it returns to me soon because I am at my wits end.

Anyway, here they are in all their glory.

For March in the 1st Wednesday Block Swap, Liz requested 'Triangles' using the fabric she sent to us.  It looked good on paper - yes, I even drew it up and thought about it (you wouldn't know though).

It is ugly to me but I ran out of the fabric she sent me and I couldn't change it   :o(
Maybe Liz can undo the top bit and sew some of the swirly fabric on the top.  By the way, it looks crinkled at the top right corner but it isn't, its just the photo.

In the Australasian Bee, Jo requested an 'Improv' block that is similar to Denyse Schmidt's work.  Ah, I do like this one BUT it took forever what with all the undoing!!

It is bigger than she asked for - that way she can cut it down to what size she wants.  I certainly wasn't going to tempt fate and cut it myself LOL!!!  I wanted to make two blocks but ran out of fabric.

So, now I am onto the Circuit Block Party for February.  I only received it in early March, that is why it will be late.  I think I may have to wait a bit before tackling this one as it is paper piecing and I need all my brain cells working to make it go smoothly.  I can't unpick the seams when paper piecing as the stitches are extremely small - so no mistakes allowed (well, I have made two already.) 

Oh, woe is me.

Mojo, where are you????  Here Mojo, come to Mumma, here Mojo, Mojo????


Do I just make it???  I think I do.  I am doing the Snappy Friends challenge and this week (which tomorrow is the last day) was to photograph a Sunset.

Sunsets are a big hard to photograph at the moment for two reasons...

1. The wrong time!!  What with kids to feed, bath and generally get ready for bed!!

2. I don't get a 'magical sunset on the horizon' where I live because I live in a valley!

Saying this, after dinner I quickly ran out and took a couple of photos. 

Hope you liked them!  The colour is beautiful even if it isn't on the horizon!!

05 March, 2010


Have you seen 'Snappy Friends'??  It is a blog that I started to follow through Leanne from the Stitching Room.  Well, as you know I like my photography just as much as quilting and I am now taking on their challenges.  Every week there is a new challenge, a new 'item' to photograph and interpret how you think it should be....

This week is 'signs'...

My home!! 


Loved the stamp not actually being quite noticable!!

One for Chookyblue!!

Very monochromatic today!

If you would love to see more interpretations of 'signs' or anything else that the Snappy Friends have photographed, then I would suggest popping over here to check them out!!

I enjoyed doing this and I can't wait till next week.

Bye for now.....