06 January, 2010

tablerunner no. 1

This is the first of many tablerunners that I will be whipping up to help me practice my freemotion quilting!!

The fabric is Blossom by Moda.

I bought two jelly rolls of it a long time ago and was going to make a large quilt but ended up not liking it (I only did one block LOL) and then put the rest of the fabric in the cupboard.

As I mentioned in my previous blog - this year is the year of clearing out my UFO's and to utilise all the fabric that has been thrown into the back of the cupboard.

 I will probably use some more of this fabric to make more table runners!
Practice makes perfect.


Sally said...

Looking good...forgot to mention that before you do your free motion quilting...have a glass of wine or 2 to relax your shoulders!!! Works for me! lol

Jackie said...

Very cute! I need to follow your lead and work on some small project that I can not only finish but practice FMQing on! Table runners would also be good to help me use up some of those charm squares!

kimland said...

I like this. My FMQ is also a work in progress. If only my hands could do what my mind is telling them to do! It's inside and just waiting to be released! by the way I am a fellow Circuit Block Party member.