27 February, 2010

More Birthday Blocks revealed...

I have now down a couple more for the Birthday Blocks Swap.

This is a 'Clover Blossom' for Roxanne.  She requested a 12.5" block in a Spring theme and it took me ages to try and find a suitable block that I actually liked.  Only thing is, is this the right 'spring'??  I presume she meant a spring season not a spring coil - LOL!!

This is a scrappy 8.5" block for Brandi.  She requested a 'Bouncing Betty' block in any of our scraps.  At first I wasn't too sure on it and thought it would be ugly, but after making it and another for her, then putting them together, I could really see how this patter could look fantastic over a quilt!

Here is a sneak peek on the blocks I have RECEIVED!

I requested a 12.5" Wonky House block with a white background.
I still have 5 more to come in the mail but I love the way it is taking shape.  There will be more added from me to even out the numbers plus I may even add an odd Wonky Tree or three! 

With a white sashing bordering the blocks - it will look amazing I think.

What the???

Yep, I have gone and bought fabric from Spotlight. 

Now, I am not a fabric snob BUT I do love the feel of the better quality fabric and the fact that it doesn't have such an open weave (hence the price) and fray as much.

So, I had a moment to kill and went for a wander through Spotlight only to 'spot' a fabric, then another that went with it, then another!  Oh, my!!  What a dilemma!  So, I got a co-ordinating homespun and had my four to make a lap quilt out of.

It was the birds I saw first, then the turquoise flowery one, then the other flowery leafy one.  They actually feel like linen, so I guess that is a good thing.

One other good thing is that I am not afraid to cut it up because it didn't cost alot!

Sorry about the photos - late night snapping!

I have already started and I am making a crazy nine patch as the four will work perfectly.

My Mum is definately not a fabric snob.  She made a beautiful eye-spy quilt for my first born (who is now 7) out of Spotlight fabric.  Sure, the colours have faded a bit but it is still holding together and Max adores it to bits.

Are you a fabric snob and only purchase from quilting stores, or do you like any type of fabric as long as the print is beautiful and suits what you need??

16 February, 2010

More blocks for swaps...

Here are a few more blocks that I have done for the swaps that I am in at the moment.

Firstly, this is the first one for the 1st Wednesday Block Swap.  It is Miss February's aka Flic.

She requested a 12" star block.  I was going to do this block pattern for another swap but decided I didn't like the block with the fabrics thosen.

The block is called "Martha Washington's Star" and I thought this fabric really did the pattern justice.

I unfortunately cut up some of the fabric accidentally and couldn't do my 'flying geese' but ended up using the 1/2 square triangles instead.  Phew!!  Nearly had a disaster on my hand.

The next block is for Elettaria in the Birthday Block Party group.  She requested a 12" wonky house with a blue sky.

I must admit that this is the first I have made and did have to fiddle around abit but enjoyed doing it all the same.  Don't you just love the owl in the window.  I should have cut him down a bit so he was 'poking' out the window.  Ah well, maybe next time.

This is made up from the triangles left over from Heidi's Dutchman's Puzzle that you can check out here.  Some other have made little blocks (and some not so little) from the scraps and I thought I would do the same.

I love 1/2 square triangles and it is amazing how many patterns can come out of them!!!

This is an odd size, so I hope Heidi doesn't mind adding fabric to it to make it useable.

I do love the pattern though.  I wonder if it is a pattern that someone else has made before?  Probably, but if not I would call it the "Lightening Star" block.

If you are interested in seeing more blocks for the swaps you can check out Flickr.  The Circuit Block Party site is here and the 1st Wednesday Block Swap is here.  As it is only the start of the swaps you can keep checking through the year to see all that we have done.

There is also a Quilting Bee Blocks which is open to everyone to share their blocks that they are doing for the 90 or more quilting swaps that are happening all over the globe.  Click here to see the wonderful work others are doing.

Happy clicking....

12 February, 2010

My new must-have!!

You know how your sewing room has pins EVERYWHERE?? (mine does!!)

Are you like me and after taking out a pin from the piece you are sewing, you just put it to the side or into the magnetic thingy to hold them?

Well, I have a new thingy called an Emery Pincushion Ring.  I am amazed how good it feels and I actually use it (another good thing as I tend to buy and then throw in the cupboard!).

I sometimes have to walk to the kitchen table to pin on long pieces and I always forget the pins, then I have to go back and get them - but no more.

The other good thing is that it is filled with emery.  This keeps your pins nice and sharp!!  And we all love our pins to be sharp!

I also got an Emery Pincushion Mug to store the pins in when not in use.

Don't you just love the mug of hot chocolate?  I bought one for my Mum as well.  It was a cup of tea with a tea bag dangling on the side.  If you are wondering - the 'M' is for Monika!

The talented lady that makes these is Dottyral.  You can find her here on Etsy.

Go have a sticky peek - you will not be disappointed.

09 February, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was yesterday and I spent a wonderful time with two very close friends (who are husband and wife).  We dined at the new Vaserelli's restaurant in McLaren Vale.  The weather was sooo hot but ofcourse it was perfect inside.

This is the absolutely beautiful lemonberry tart!  It was like a cheesecake AND gluten free as well!

On the Saturday before, I went out with my hubby, his sister and her hubby for my birthday dinner.
Once again in McLaren Vale at the Salopian Inn.  Truly beautiful and a dining experience.

This was the chocolate pudding!  See the oozey goodness in the pudding??  Yuuummmyy!!

For my birthday, I got myself an iPhone and I have been having so much fun playing with the aps.
One of the aps is a 'polaroid' one.  You take a photo, click on the ap, shake the beejeez out of the phone (just like shaking a polaroid after it comes out of the camera) and it slowly exposes and looks amazing.  I know I will have heaps of fun with this one.

Great huh??  This is my little one who is ready to go to school.

I am going out to dinner with another friend on Friday night!  Lets see what I have for dessert then!!

Have a great day!!

06 February, 2010

Another one??

Yep, I have joined another quilting bee.  Am I getting myself into deep water??  Lets see.

I am excited about this one as it is an Australian one and I will get my fabric in a couple of days NOT weeks!!

You can see all the cool photos of the blocks on our Flickr group 1st Wednesday Block Swap 2010.

Ofcourse, there will be all of mine right here.