12 February, 2010

My new must-have!!

You know how your sewing room has pins EVERYWHERE?? (mine does!!)

Are you like me and after taking out a pin from the piece you are sewing, you just put it to the side or into the magnetic thingy to hold them?

Well, I have a new thingy called an Emery Pincushion Ring.  I am amazed how good it feels and I actually use it (another good thing as I tend to buy and then throw in the cupboard!).

I sometimes have to walk to the kitchen table to pin on long pieces and I always forget the pins, then I have to go back and get them - but no more.

The other good thing is that it is filled with emery.  This keeps your pins nice and sharp!!  And we all love our pins to be sharp!

I also got an Emery Pincushion Mug to store the pins in when not in use.

Don't you just love the mug of hot chocolate?  I bought one for my Mum as well.  It was a cup of tea with a tea bag dangling on the side.  If you are wondering - the 'M' is for Monika!

The talented lady that makes these is Dottyral.  You can find her here on Etsy.

Go have a sticky peek - you will not be disappointed.

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