27 February, 2010

What the???

Yep, I have gone and bought fabric from Spotlight. 

Now, I am not a fabric snob BUT I do love the feel of the better quality fabric and the fact that it doesn't have such an open weave (hence the price) and fray as much.

So, I had a moment to kill and went for a wander through Spotlight only to 'spot' a fabric, then another that went with it, then another!  Oh, my!!  What a dilemma!  So, I got a co-ordinating homespun and had my four to make a lap quilt out of.

It was the birds I saw first, then the turquoise flowery one, then the other flowery leafy one.  They actually feel like linen, so I guess that is a good thing.

One other good thing is that I am not afraid to cut it up because it didn't cost alot!

Sorry about the photos - late night snapping!

I have already started and I am making a crazy nine patch as the four will work perfectly.

My Mum is definately not a fabric snob.  She made a beautiful eye-spy quilt for my first born (who is now 7) out of Spotlight fabric.  Sure, the colours have faded a bit but it is still holding together and Max adores it to bits.

Are you a fabric snob and only purchase from quilting stores, or do you like any type of fabric as long as the print is beautiful and suits what you need??

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Danielle said...

I have to say, I've always been a little bit of a fabric snob with my quilting. My grandma and mother always taught me to buy the best fabric you can so that that your work looks even better and your garmet or quilt will hold up. But now that I've created so darn many quilts that what the heck-- I might as well throw some less expensive fabrics in. If the quilt doesn't last, oh well. I only have one child, and he already has all the quilts he'll probably ever want!!