13 March, 2010

Wedding Bells...

On a happier note     :o)

my chiropractor, Carly, got married on Friday.

I felt compelled to make something for her.  Don't know why, but I did.  And it felt right.

So, because I had one made for me on my Wedding Day, I thought I would do the same.

I thought it might be a bit old fashioned looking, but when we gave it to her, she was delighted. 
Her Mother-in-Law does quilting and she has told me how much she appreciates anything hand made.

Here it is next to mine.  Mine will be 10 years old in October.  It sits in my drawer with my smalls (well, I think that is wishful thinking - smalls - hee hee).

I wish Carly and Jackson all the best for their future. 

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