20 December, 2009

Red Sunday...

I LOVE RED!!!  I love to wear red, it make me feel alive.  But I am not going to show you my red clothes...

A beautiful decoration made by one of my boys!!

Part of the fruit platter we took to the BBQ last night - yummy!!

A toy my son got from his friends - it will crystalize!

Candy cane -need I say more!

Red Cellophane!!

Santa's hat!

From the books I am reading right now (I am a little
obsessed with them at the moment - hence no sewing
getting done!!)

Did I tell you I love red???

Have a Happy Red Sunday everyone....


1 comment:

kendall.micayla said...

red is one of my favorite colors too, someday i want to have a bright red baby grand piano! :) xo