12 April, 2010

Farm Gate Festival - Fleurieu

Today Max, Tom and I went for a drive.

This drive took us to many places that had fantastic art, mostly involving farm gates!!

This is the Farm Gate Festival and it is running from 27th March till the 25th April (so you still have plenty of time to check it out!!)

The 53 different types of artwork span a huge area from Victor Harbor, Mt Compass, Goolwa, Ashbourne, over to Milang and Point Sturt and everywhere inbetween.

On the way to Point Sturt we went to see Pat Ingleton's 'Pole Dancing' and then was kindly shown around her beautiful home.  Pat does amazing sculpture and is passionate about the lakes surrounding her home and the environment.  I was able to take some photos of her artwork.

Wa(l)ter Gate @ the Ashboourne Primary School

'Bell' the Cow - Ashbourne PS kids

Stop!  Who goes there?? - Ashbourne PS kids

Bringing Back the Bush - Gaynor Hartvigsen


Eagle Gate - Gaynor Hartvigsen (with Trevor McLean)

Watergate #3 - Liz Yelland

Dandelion - Liz Yelland

Pole Dancing - Pat Ingleton

This is my favourite sculpture. 

I may just take another visit to Pat's place to purchase this beautiful sphere tower!!

So, if you have a few hours up your sleeve and would love to visit the amazingly beautiful
Fleurieu Peninsula
(sorry only South Australians unless you can hop on a plane and fly over here quickly),
then I would highly recommend this trail.

I have yet to see all the works of art and will do so in the week ahead.  I will post some more photos once I have admired the many more artworks on the trail.

Click on this link and it will take you to the Alexandrina Council website for all the information and the map.

Happy driving!!

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Leanne said...

I think I am in love with that cow. It looks very interesting not sure I will make it to see it thanks for sharing.