10 April, 2010

quilting for babies...

Magnolia Designs and One Shabby Chick is combining forces to make quilts for the IMCU babies in her local hospital in Winnepeg, Canada.  Check out the blogs for more information on these quilts.

Kathy (Magnolia Designs) is asking for 8.5" pinwheel blocks in any colourway.

I couldn't resist.  Firstly, because I feel the strong need to help and donate some blocks and, secondly, I love to make pinwheel blocks!!

I have made her two of each and I hope the Kathy, from Magnolia Designs, receives them in time (deadline 1st May) as it may take a couple of weeks to get there!!

If you are over on the other side of the world (Canada or USA), maybe check out Kathy's blog and make a few pinwheels too!! 

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