19 December, 2009

Orange Saturday...

Wow, and I thought Pink was going to be hard!!

My cup of tea this morning!

Part of a very large picture hanging in our hallway.

Part of the leadlight in a hallway we are renovating.

My husband's model Charger!  He has quite a few model cars on his
mantel piece in his office.

Well, that is it! 

Not a favourite of mine, considering when I was pregnant with my first child I was citrus colour mad - I had to have our plain kitchen re-tiled in orange, yellow and green glass tiles splashed amongst the white ones.  That's when we bought the pictures (see one above) to go in that said kitchen and we still have the orange and yellow mugs. 

Then we moved!!  I got over my obsession with this combination of colours.

Happy Orange Saturday!!


Christina said...

Oooooooh! I love Orange! I am in the States so still on Friday (need to post my brown still) but since tomorrow is orange that will be an easy one for me! Photo #1 will have to be of my "Orange Chicken" car. :)

Catherine said...

You have done quite well with orange. A lovely bright mug and I love the look of that picture.

Anonymous said...

I read where orange boosts creativity so I painted a wall of my craft room sunburst orange. I love it!

kendall.micayla said...

mmm, lovely bright oranges! love the model car! xo