16 November, 2009

a little bit of sewing...

I am not usually a seamstress but I loved this book (bought from Kirkbride Quilting) and I have always wanted to do something with these two fabrics, so, voila - a skirt was made.

Don't you just love it??   Well, I do!

I think the placement of the pockets is very cute and a little bit different.

I am not game to photograph it with me in it - my legs are better left to people's imagination!

I am sure there will be plenty more skirts that I will be doing in the future.

I just have to get a nice chocolate brown top to go with this one....


1 comment:

Cascade Lily said...

LOL - I see what you mean! I think I made mine flare too much as well as it being too wide around the middle. I'm going to have another go with different fabric :) Yours is gorgeous. Love the fabrics you've chosen.