15 October, 2009

Matryoshka finished!!

It is finished!!  I am sooo happy and it looks great hanging in the shop for all to see.  If you do wish to see in person, the shop is Kirkbride Quilting in Strathalbyn!!  There are kits available to purchase if you really love it and need to have one just for yourself.

What do you think??  Here are a couple of close ups of the quilt, the backing and the binding. I can't quite remember the quilt fabric but in future I will let you know what it is.  I can't wait to finish the other two that I have waiting in line.

It was our wedding Anniversary yesterday - 9 years!  Those years seem to have flown but gone slow at the same time.  Happy Anniversary Darling  :o)

Well, off to get the other quilts finished.  I will give you a snippet of what is to come tomorrow.



Karen said...

Very sweet!

Lynda said...

Your Matryoshka quilt is wonderful and the fabrics are great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mon,

Very impressive. I saw a matching pillow of the doll in Myers at Colonades and instantly thought of you. Can't wait to catch up.

Love Tam

Cascade Lily said...

Oh it's gorgeous! Well done!!

Becky said...

I love this quilt! I really should add the pattern to my wish list :)

AJ said...

Lovely Quilt!