02 October, 2009

Matryoshka Quilt

I've nearly finished my beautiful (if I do say so myself!) Babooshka quilt. That's not the actual name of the design, just my name. The design comes from the Very Talented Roslie Quinlain (http://www.rosiequinlandesigns.typepad.com/) and the name is Matryoshka Quilt.

Aren't the colours to die for?? This will be my first largeish quilt actually finished. Did I tell you I was fairly new to this game? Anyway, after starting work in a quilt shop, I just can't stop and the motivation I now get for all the fabrics, patterns, books and ofcourse, people is the absolute best!! Everything on this quilt is a first for me - machine applique (one of the Babooshka's is hand appliqued and then I bit the bullet and tried it on my NEW Janome - and loved it), fixing a very big problem with my non-1/4 inch seam (I now adjust my needle to the right and, presto, a perfect 1/4 inch seam), choosing the fabric and ofcourse, finishing the actual project! What do you think?

I can't wait to show you it hanging up. It will be hung for a little while and then I would love to have it draped on one of those wooden quilt things I have seen in so many peoples studios.
Has anyone else done this quilt as well? I would love to see it. I found it to be the perfect 'satisfaction' quilt for a beginner as it had easy piecing as well as simple applique but with STUNNING results.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mon,

Yes, I love the quilt and it looks even better in life. Keep up the good work!

Love Tam