24 July, 2010

I love books....

Today my hubby and I dropped off the kids at a party and a friends and we went and had lunch at Hotel Elliot in Pt Elliot.  It was beautiful!  We had a little stroll down the street and I popped into a cute little shop (for which the name now escapes me - sorry!) and came out with a fantastic book called "Repro Depot Pattern Book ~ Flora".

This book (if you can call it that) has an enclosed disk that has all the patterns that are shown in the book.  It is so beautiful!

There are 75 designs in three different colour ways as well as some ideas for crafty projects to get you started.

Oh, my, what goodies I could make with these.  The ideas are endless...

*  Print out on paper and make cards, labels, wrapping, decorations etc
*  Print out on fabric and then there is thousands of ways to use these beautiful patterns.

I am soooo excited and I can't wait to use it.

The other book, which you see in the photo above, is one I bought the other day.  And what a great book it is too. 

It is called 'The Thrifty Kitchen' and is written by Suzanne Gibbs and Kate Gibbs.  The Daughter and Grand-daughter of Margaret Fulton!!  Yes, the Grandmother of the Kitchen herself.  You can see all three of them on the cover of the book.

This book has amazing recipes BUT the information and advice given within the chapters is price-less.  As the title suggests, it is to help keep the costs of shopping and cooking down but the recipes do not reflect those that taste or look cheap.  I am intending to read every page of this book.

If you see these, I suggest you buy!!  I certainly am not disappointed!

M xxxx

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