03 June, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man....

It was my baby boys birthday this week.

He has turned a very big 6!!

His favourite colour is black (he says it is a colour but his older brother says it is not) but alot of the time it changes to green or blue!!   :o)

His party was a pirate theme.

(Tom is second from the right (red and black top) and his brother is on the far left)

He wanted the party after school, not on a weekend, so it was a short but sweet birthday party.  After having a treasure hunt around the property which led them to a treasure chest full of chocolate coins and party favours, they pinned the 'pirate on the map' and then had a race to see who could eat a donut off a string first (without touching with their hands).  That was hilarious and the boys really enjoyed that game.

After all the swashbuckling and playing it was time to eat the feast and enjoy the pirate ship cake.

I enjoyed making this but I ran out of time and would have loved to have decorated it more.  Ah, well, there is always next time.

So, Tom, I wish you all the very best for the year ahead.  You have grown up sooo much and I sometimes feel that I am losing my baby and gaining a big boy.  I enjoy our cuddles and how you and I seem to be in sync with each other alot of the time.  You will always be my babe no matter how old you get!



Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job of the cake. It sounds like the kids had a ball. Happy 6th Birthday Tom!
Love Tam and the gang

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun and exciting birthday :o) You created an awesome cake!

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you for stopping by! as far as brave to do a hexagon quilt...well...maybe not so much brave as that I was happily clueless to know any better :o) I just have loved the hexagon quilts since forever :o) Come back any time and please do check back for my 100th post and giveaways... ...oh but remember...I dont post often, so it will be a bit, even though I am at post #92!

Copper Patch said...

Monika, that cake is amazing! Did you get the design from a book?
It sounds like the boys had a great time.