25 May, 2010


I am slowly comin to terms with who I am and how I work!

This post is all about 'small'. 

Weird, I hear you say.

Well, it has occurred to me that I like 'small' in my life.  I tend to feel overwhelmed with 'big' and that is starting to become apparent in my quilting and art.

Look at where I live...

I live on 17 acres BUT I feel overwhelmed by the size of our property and don't venture out to the four corners of the place.  I do love the open spaces and would never, ever live in the city again but BIG just isn't for me either.  I know I don't have to constantly go from corner to corner of our property to appreciate it and I usually only keep to the back yard, my vegie patch and the chook shed.  These are only a smidgen of the area we have.  When we were wanting to landscape, it totally freaked me out and I literally ran indoors and hid!!  Yep, scared and overwhelmed by it all.  So, it never really got done.
I adore the Open Gardens that people have and show off but I never really understood how I felt about large gardens until I had to do one!!

Take photography for instance...

I adore macro!  If I can take a photo of something tiny, intricate and SMALL then I am one happy chappy.  I don't do vistas nor huge landscapes.  I want to get down and take the photo of the leaf, ant or the pattern in the mud!

Now, take my quilting....

I am really enjoying doing the blocks for my swaps.  I am having a bit of trouble finishing any LARGE quilt that I need to get done.  Does it intimidate me?? I don't know.  Should I just concentrate on mini quilts, or lap quilts (getting a bit too large I think) or wall hangings??  Art Quilts come to mind.

This got me thinking about all the 'SMALL' in my life.....

I have just embarked on a new creative journey...

Silver Jewellery!

I did a workshop on the weekend and ended up making a pendant and cuff bracelet.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with the small pieces.  The cutting, filing, polishing! 

I would love to incorporate the silver work (or metal work, as it can be copper etc) with art quilts and I think I can do it. 

So, the question still remains.....am I afraid of big??

Afraid? NO

Intimidated? MAYBE

Is it a problem?  NOT AT ALL

The whole process of finding out about who I am and where I am heading is part of being creative.

What do you think?? 

Did you have a turning point in your creative journey? 

A lightbulb moment?

Till the next time (and I am hoping it won't be too far away!)

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Danielle said...

I love the details, too:-)