10 December, 2009

Christmas Card Tutorial

Firstly, hello strangers!!  I know I have been very, very naughty (don't tell Santa) and have not been doing my blog for a while.  It has been a bit hectic here and probaly everywhere else too!!

Anyway, I have started my christmas cards.  I know, I know!!  It is a bit late BUT if you are like me and like to make your cards but realised you are running out of time and need something ultra quick and something that still looks good, then read on.....

You will need:

* cardstock (any cardboard will do but I found the cards at Spotlight with matching envelopes)
applique sheeting (vliesofix - the bonding material you use with appliques)
pretty fabric of choice - I used Figgy Pudding!  A great funky Christmas fabric range.
template or cookie cutter of a nice christmas shape - a star maybe??

Fold the cardstock in half.

(Sorry for the side on view!  I couldn't change it, no matter what I did!!!)

Iron on the applique sheeting to the back of your fabric.  Draw on the shape with your template or cookie cutter on the paper side.  Cut out shape and iron on to the front of the card.  Use a scrap piece of fabric between the card and the iron to protect the card itself.


You have a pretty funky card!!

These two were my first - I decided to go with the star and iron it straight on, not a bit crooked as in the photo.  I didn't photograph the ones that I did after, but you can get the idea.

It would be fun to also bling it up a bit.  Maybe even add the odd country looking button or two??


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